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Get Every Patient in the Right Place

In a world where better patient routing is key to improving everything from patient outcomes and acquisition to ED utilization and capacity management, someone had to give healthcare organizations a way to ensure every patient gets the right level of care, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Approach

You need a partner that brings the necessary tools and skills to the table to help you achieve your goals, not a vendor who drops new technology in your lap.

A New Playbook

With proven workflows for patient navigation based on where healthcare is today, and where it is going.


A New Platform

With tools for digital triage, virtual care, patient routing, and more that integrate with the technology you already have.


A New Kind of Partnership

With experts that can provide all of the help and guidance you need to achieve your strategic goals.

Operational Areas of Focus

Too many tech companies focus on creating workflows. We are focusing on driving clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. Using our flexible platform, we can adapt to your specific needs to help you drive the outcomes you and your patients deserve.


Improve Emergency Department Throughput


Enhance PCP to Specialty Referrals


Reduce Gaps in Care

Driving Real Results


Annual Savings


Retained/Acquired Patients


Patients redirected from going to the ED unnecessarily

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