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About VisuWell

VisuWell is how health systems can finally get every patient in the right place, at the right time. Patients can get the optimal level of care and the health system can make the most of the resources it has available, minute-by-minute.

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Healthcare Experts

Technology can be difficult if you don’t have the experts who can guide you in how to apply it. The VisuWell team consists of long-time industry experts who have diverse experience in healthcare from clinical, operational, and, consulting backgrounds. Our collection of talent allows us to see the whole picture of your healthcare organization, and drive outcomes that help all stakeholders.

The Right Technology

Our decade of history as a healthcare technology company has driven us to create cutting-edge applications and solutions, while also understanding the specific operational needs of the market.

Your Story

Routing patients to the care they need is hard. Routing them to the care they need that also supports your operational goals? That once was impossible…

For too long, healthcare organizations have struggled to keep up with the increasing number of costly patients, expensive labor shortages, and competitive landscape vying for the same market.

Born in 2012, VisuWell evolved from a digital health solution to an organization dedicated to matching a patient’s clinical acuity with a health system’s operational goals and real-time capacity to create the best experience for both parties.

As markets change and patient demand shifts, our mission remains steadfast: Get Every Patient in the Right Place.

Some of Our Clients


Gerry Andrady


Adam Peebles

President & CGO

Michele Robinson

VP of Customer Success

Thomas Stephenson

VP of Growth

Justin Hoffman

VP of Implementations

April John

Director of Product

Tony Mingone

VP of Partnerships

Austin Matzko

Sr. Director of Engineering

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