Integrate VisuWell with Your Technology

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Integrate with Your EHR or Proprietary Technology

VisuWell’s API toolkit allows you to use your existing technology stack to leverage industry leading HIPAA compliant video conferencing



Integrate with your existing scheduling solution to giving patients and employees the ability to schedule video sessions on demand.

Video Session Check-in

Utilize your systems to seamlessly join and checkin to video sessions on the VisuWell platform

Single Sign-on

To speed user adoption, our API toolkit includes SSO preventing the need for additional login credentials.

Seamless Integration

Avoid the hassles of standalone solutions, additional logins credentials, and the uphill battle of adoption. We will help make your telemedicine initiative a success. Reach out to our Development team today.

Do you need an integrated partner?

Let us get to know your needs and we will help make VisuWell a seamless part of your technology stack.

If your integrations needs fall out side of SSO, scheduling, and video sessions, we would enjoy hearing about your challenges.  We are continuing to advance our API toolkit and are always interested to hear about new needs and use cases.