Sr UX Designer/Developer

Position Overview

We offer our clients a telemedicine software platform that has been built, updated, and refined over the past six years and we are looking for individuals to join the team to continue delivering the product that our customers need to drive meaningful patient interactions through the convenience of remote video sessions.

As a team that is rapidly evolving our development processes, refining our priorities and working to stay in front of the market, we need an individual who can help us set a consistent user experience strategy and design while also implementing recommendations within the front end of our web platform. While we are not a direct-to-consumer business, a large number of our users will be patients interacting with our platform from their homes and personal devices. In order to help these individuals receive the healthcare they need from the convenience of a personal location, we must move towards a consistent web accessibility standard, supporting a 5th-grade reading level, and developing an intuitive interface with clear calls-to-action and efficient and enjoyable user-facing controls. The Sr. UX Designer/Developer will help us establish our standards and, where capable, implement updates directly into our web platform.

Responsibilities of this position include:
  • Partner with marketing, implementations, customer success, and product development teams to define a consistent UX approach and strategy
  • Develop a UI/UX Standards Guide listing all front-end controls that should be used within the platform, creating an easy to use tool for developers to find and implement the appropriate controls in the context of new feature development
  • Champion and promote a simple, consistent, and clear UX across the Product Development team and throughout the company
  • Manage Pendo end-user utilization tracking and guide tools; partner with Implementations and Customer success to define user segment for utilization trend analysis
  • Implement standard web controls into the interface for existing features and text content
  • Partner with developers for the definition of new standards outside of the Standards Guide on an ad hoc basis
  • Bring a Mobile-Friendly, maybe even Mobile-First, design standard and improve the consistency in our application across all devices and operating systems; we want to meet the user where they are with the tools most familiar to them
  • Develop Product Release materials communicating to our Customer Success and Implementations teams the new features that are most impactful to their customers prior to release
  • Work closely with Customer Success and Implementations to implement new usability metrics to capture utilization data of features (we use a tool called Pendo to track how users interact with our web app)
  • 3+ years implementing UX controls into front-end web applications
  • Experience working on organization-wide UX Standards Guides
  • Empathic mindset that allows you to sit in the shoes of an end user often times a patient in need of healthcare who may be uncomfortable with technology or a provider who relies on an intuitive tool to help them make a connection with their patients while being physically separate
  • The ability to empathize with your team members; to put your biases aside and consider how our priorities will impact the product development team and others across our organization