New Hampshire August 2019 Fact Sheet

Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill into law allowing primary care physicians and pediatricians to bill Medicaid and private insurers for telemedicine services.  Previously, only specialists were eligible to bill for virtual care services. The revision of SB258, fully effective on January 1, 2020, also extends coverage to asynchronous telemedicine services.

Eligible Providers

By which telemedicine services for primary care, remote patient monitoring, and substance use disorder services shall only be covered in the event that the patient has already established care at an originating site via face-to-face in-person service.”

  • Primary care providers and pediatricians are permitted to bill for telemedicine services for established patients.  New patients are still required to have their initial appointments occur in-person before qualifying for telemedicine services.
Asynchronous Services

“This includes the forwarding and/or transfer of stored medical data from the originating site to the distant site through the use of any electronic device that records data in its own storage and forwards its data to the distant site via telecommunication for the purpose of diagnostic and therapeutic assistance…For the purposes of this chapter, covered services include remote patient monitoring and store and forward.

  • Store and forward and remote patient monitoring are now covered services, with specifications about devices and the purpose of data transfer.
Medicaid Coverage

“Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Medicaid program from providing coverage for only those services that are medically necessary and subject to all other terms and conditions of the coverage.”

  • Under certain circumstances, it removes barriers to accessing telemedicine services, requiring Medicaid coverage.
Promotion of Virtual Care

SB258 maintains bipartisan support in the State Senate to “accelerate diagnosis and communication between health care providers, patients, emergency responders, guardians, and caregivers.”  New Hampshire currently allows the home to be an eligible originating site and reimbursement for live video.  For more information on New Hampshire state laws, check out the state reimbursement page here.