Note from the CEO – July 2021

It’s been a busy time at VisuWell, and I’d like to provide a quick update as to what’s going on.

We’ve taken an assessment on what telemedicine needs entering a post-COVID landscape.  For us, the first step revolves around listening to our customers to provide the necessary accommodations.  If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that virtual care needs to serve patients in a way that removes fear and confusion and caters to their individual needs as much as possible.  We’re in the process of restructuring our UI design to serve this purpose, and includes recognizable components, unique organizational configuration, and scalable features designed to adapt to evolving patient populations.  It’s a change that can have a significant impact and transform how users view virtual care.

In regards to impact, we’ve looked internally at our company culture to see how we can change to improve our services to our customers and how we perform as a team.  We’ve hired our Director of Human Resources, Toccara Gould-Cunningham – check out the press release here.  Toccara is a Certified Diversity Trainer and has done a remarkable job introducing important employee processes and diversity initiatives.  Her passion as an advocate for people is really powerful – to give you insight into our culture, our new HR Director is one of our most popular employees, for all the right reasons.

These few months have been turbulent but have offered us an opportunity to learn and improve how we do things at VisuWell.  It’s an exciting and dynamic time in virtual care and we’re at the forefront of meaningful developments at VisuWell to continue to push the industry forward.