VisuWell Enables WakeMed Virtual Referral Initiative

VisuWell recently partnered with the WakeMed Health System and the Network for Advancing Behavioral Health (NABH).  As part of this partnership, VisuWell will bridge WakeMed’s emergency departments and the NABH to reduce avoidable bed days, and optimize patient access to improve their behavioral health integration program.

VisuWell’s multi-organizational design allows the NABH to comprehensively address the pain points around coordinating outpatient behavioral care after an emergency room admission.  By leveraging access to multiple care sites within the same technology platform, patients are navigated to their next point of care with ease, eliminating inefficiency and increasing patient compliance and appointment retention rates.  VisuWell’s partnership will assist the NABH through convenient, technology-driven solutions that patients have come to expect from other industries.

VisuWell will streamline intra-departmental communication between the NABH and WakeMed’s Emergency Department.  WakeMed serves the greater Raleigh region and with 35% of their emergency visits behavioral in nature, appropriate care routing, follow up, and care continuity is essential for positive patient outcomes.  Acting as a virtual handoff, VisuWell will accelerate a patient’s transition from the hospital to the right outpatient care provider, which is exactly what VisuWell is equipped to do.

With provider shortages plaguing the nation and resources varying amongst patient populations, the NABH provides high-quality psychiatric care regionally and state-wide. By breaking down care access barriers and connecting WakeMed and the NABH more efficiently, VisuWell helps connect patients to providers faster and promotes consistency in care to provide “the right effort at the right time and the right thing to do for patients, for their families, and to properly meet our community’s care needs.”