VisuWell Introduces Virtriage to Virtual Care Portfolio

Virtriage is the newest addition to VisuWell’s product offering designed to increase accuracy and streamline patient intake and triage

Nashville, TN – February 13, 2020 – VisuWell, the industry leader in multi-organizational enterprise telemedicine, announces the launch of Virtriage to its virtual care portfolio.  As a premier triage platform, Virtriage enables healthcare organizations to customize intake questionnaires and symptom progression to guide patients to the optimal healthcare route.

Throughout healthcare, patient expectations are increasing and health care revenue models are becoming increasingly constrained. It is, therefore, necessary to implement solutions that increase patient acquisition and satisfaction while decreasing operational costs and patient leakage.  The right technology offers providers and patients the opportunity to access healthcare resources to route patients towards the right point of care and expedite treatment. Virtriage’s patient-centric, smart branching logic leverages the speed and personalization that patients expect from other technological sectors.  From their mobile devices, patients are directed to the correct healthcare provider and treatment options quickly and easily.

“We know health organizations benefit from increased retention and reduction in administrative workloads, so our team is excited to feature the Virtriage app in our expanding line of virtual care solutions,” said VisuWell CEO, Sam Johnson.  “Virtriage is a scalable, innovative solution that adapts to individualized patient needs throughout health systems and provider groups, allowing for the deployment of targeted initiatives and comprehensive solutions. We look forward to being the primary virtual care solution to meet the breadth of healthcare organizations’ needs from triage to discharge”.

Virtriage seamlessly integrates into native EMRs as well as the VisuWell platform for telemedicine sessions.  Capitalizing on the individualized approach the app provides, Virtriage encourages patients to access emergency services when needed, or contact current providers promoting care continuity.  In addition to Virtriage, VisuWell provides extensive integration options for 3M Littmann Stethoscope, Horus Scope, Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, legacy SIP endpoints, and telemedicine carts. VisuWell maintains a mobile-first, device-agnostic architecture, creating an unparalleled patient experience.

About VisuWell

VisuWell is the leader in patient-centered telemedicine offering an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that improves access to care through the integration of consumer devices and clinical monitoring peripherals. The VisuWell platform utilizes a flexible SaaS-delivery model enabling health systems and provider groups to meet consumer demand while improving outcomes and increasing efficiency. Learn more by visiting, and the company’s telemedicine resources page that includes guides and white papers, as well as an in-depth review of telemedicine reimbursement.