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VisuWell Introduces Virtriage to Virtual Care Portfolio

VisuWell, the industry leader in multi-organizational enterprise telemedicine, announces the launch of Virtriage to its virtual care portfolio. As a premier triage platform, Virtriage enables healthcare organizations to customize intake questionnaires and symptom progression to guide patients to the optimal healthcare route.

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VisuWell Advances UAMS e-Link Telemedicine Network

VisuWell Extends the Existing UAMS e-Link Infrastructure by Allowing for a More Comprehensive Experience, Capable of Providing Arkansas’ Population and Providers with Improved Access to Healthcare and Specialty Consultation.

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VisuWell Now Available on Epic App Orchard Marketplace

VisuWell, the industry leader in enterprise telemedicine solutions, announces the VisuWell solution is now listed on Epic App Orchard.  As a premier integrated telemedicine solution, the VisuWell App will enable virtual encounters within the provider’s Epic account and the patient’s MyChart portal…

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VisuWell and Nevada Health Centers Launch Virtual Strategy

VisuWell has been awarded the contract for Nevada Health Centers’ comprehensive telemedicine initiative. Established in 1977, Nevada Health Centers is the largest provider of primary care for uninsured, underinsured, and geographically isolated patients in Nevada.

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VisuWell Attracts New Funding Round To Fuel Growth

VisuWell is poised to be a dominant player in telemedicine enablement for the nation’s top health organizations.

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TeleHealth Solutions to Support Growth of VisuWell Telemedicine Platform in Wide Variety of Medical Specialties

Partnership meets tremendous demand for VisuWell telemedicine platform through implementation services of TeleHealth Solutions.

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Health Care to Expand in Carson City Schools

Health care services at some Carson City schools will expand next school year thanks to a new program from Nevada Health Centers. The Carson City-based health care provider plans.

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Vonage Unveils Advanced Services and APIs for the Healthcare Market

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Sarah Stone

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Chattanooga, TN 37402

About VisuWell

VisuWell is the leader in consumer-focused, asset-light telemedicine.  The company offers cloud-based solutions that improve continuity of care and access through the integration of consumer devices, telemedicine peripherals, leading EHR platforms and legacy SIP infrastructure.  The VisuWell platform is built on a SaaS delivery model that virtually enables health systems and provider groups seeking to meet consumer demand while improving outcomes and decreasing the total cost of care.

About Virtriage

Virtriage is a premier virtual triage platform enabling healthcare organizations to customize intake questionnaires and symptom progression, guiding patients to optimal care points. Through intelligent branching logic, the platform leverages speed and personalization for every patient from any mobile device. Virtiage is an innovative, scalable solution optimized to deploy targeted initiatives, and seamlessly integrates into native EMRs, as well as the VisuWell platform, to increase patient care and reduce the impact of organizational demand.

Meet Our CEO: Sam Johnson

Sam is a career-long healthcare technology innovator and problem solver with beginnings in the early days of electronic claims and scheduling systems.  He was involved throughout the transformation of paper medical records to electronic (EHR), contributed innovations in the Patient Engagement and Population Health movements, and is now engaged in and challenging areas of virtual access, known as telemedicine.  He is the founder of multiple healthcare tech startups and currently serves on the board of directors for several healthcare organizations as a growth and technology strategist.

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