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Modernize your provider group to generate new revenue streams, deliver faster care, and improve patient experience.

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The Case for Primary Care Telemedicine

Primary care represents the vast majority of health visits conducted each year, and they generate a high amount of follow-up visits.  In many cases, the initial visit or follow-up could easily be conducted more efficiently through a reimbursable telemedicine visit.  In-office visits can then be reserved for new patients and issues that might require in-person examinations.

With HIPAA compliant video conferencing, providers gain revenue streams from previously non-reimbursable services. Plus, offices can streamline workflows by migrating away from traditional approaches to handling:

Behavioral Health Integration

The VisuWell platform helps medical groups initiate BHI through our network of telebehavioral specialists.  Now you can leverage on-demand collaborative care or quickly facilitate referrals, reducing administrative burden while swiftly providing patients with the behavioral care they need.

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Patients Are Gravitating to Convenient Options

Stanford Medicine initiated a new telemedicine program in 2015 designed to better serve primary care clinic patients.  They found high patient interest in telemedicine services, cost savings, and improved outcomes.

Of All Visits 

Became Virtual Visits

Cost Savings

Over In-person Visits

Than 78%

Of Patient Goals Achieved

We live in a fast paced world and healthcare has been one of the slowest industries to adapt to an on-demand society.  Primary care practices and provider groups are leaking patients and referrals to a litany of competitors ranging from urgent care centers to healthcare organizations offering a direct-to-consumer telehealth model.  Now you can positively impact these issues while creating a better patient experience and streamlining workflows. Integrate VisuWell with your technology suite and start realizing new revenue streams, cost savings, and improved outcomes.


Improve Outcomes in Comorbid and Behavioral Populations.

Learn About Your Reimbursement Opportunities.

Reach A New Level of Care & Revenue

The greatest opportunity for increased revenue comes with after-hours care. Patients that have long been getting these services from urgent care clinics or emergency rooms, and this represents a real case of revenue leakage in primary care.  With telemedicine, provider management, and online scheduling, a new level of care and revenue become a reality.  Many practices are also adding concierge telemedicine services for patients that are willing to pay a premium to keep the level of care they expect from their primary care provider.   Request a demo and learn how VisuWell can help your organization achieve new levels of care.

Treatment Plans

Improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions and leverage care plan coordinators to provide more frequent checkins. Through virtual visits, providers can monitor patient progress while decreasing the burden on the provider and patient.


Every office visit uses the time of office staff and valuable office space. Decrease demand on office resources by utilizing telemedicine for management of medications, including treatment for asthma, allergies, and behavioral conditions. It is also an ideal solution for refills.

Review Lab

Lab results can contain sensitive information and it should be a priority to handle them face-to-face. Primary care providers can provide a higher level of service using telemedicine while allowing patients to meet from the convenience of their office or home.

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Integrate With Your Existing Technology

The VisuWell platform is equipped with an open API strategy for data sharing and workflow integration with existing clinical and administrative systems. Seamless integration is both critical and necessary to a successful transition to a robust telemedicine program.


Custom Branded Mobile App

The VisuWell app carries your telemedicine suite to mobile devices.  Now you can extend organizational branding to your own telemedicine app without the high cost of development.



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