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Provide an elevated level of care, increased access, and realize new revenue streams.

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Streamline Processes & Expand Access

Urgent care is a high growth sector in healthcare due to the convenience offers.  The increased demand will quickly reveal workflow inefficiencies and a need for creative ways to balance patient loads to increase throughput. Utilizing the VisuWell platform urgent care clinics can move intake online and utilize hipaa compliant video conferencing for initial visits or follow-up.   In-office visits can then be reserved for truly urgent issues or follow-ups that require in-person care.

With HIPAA compliant video conferencing, providers can gain revenue streams from previously non-reimbursable services, plus offices can streamline workflows by migrating away from traditional approaches to handling:

  • Intake
  • Scheduling
  • Follow-ups
  • Medication Management

Behavioral Health Integration

The VisuWell platform helps medical groups initiate BHI through our network of telebehavioral specialists.  Now you can leverage on-demand collaborative care or quickly facilitate referrals, reducing administrative burden while swiftly providing patients with the behavioral care they need.

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Be the innovator in urgent care.

Reach A New Level of Care & Revenue

The greatest opportunity for increased revenue comes with after-hours care. Patients that have long been getting these services from urgent care clinics or emergency rooms, and this represents a real case of revenue leakage in primary care.  With telemedicine, provider management, and online scheduling, a new level of care and revenue become a reality.  Many practices are also adding concierge telemedicine services for patients that are willing to pay a premium to keep the level of care they expect from their primary care provider.   Request a demo and learn how VisuWell can help your organization achieve new levels of care.


Due to affordability, convenience, and efficiency urgent care centers are seeing increased demand for lab testing.  Urgent care centers can provide a higher level of service using telemedicine for reviewing lab results while allowing patients to be where they are most comfortable, their home.


Urgent care facilities are becoming more frequently used as a primary care alternative.  This change is resulting in longer patient relationships and increased demand. Every office visit uses the time of office staff and valuable office space. Decrease demand on office resources by utilizing telemedicine for management of medications.


Quality follow-up care is essential to patient wellness. However, urgent care proviers face the hurdle of asking patients to revisit the office for follow-up appointments or they are forced to follow up via phone calls, which are not reimbursable. For scenarios that don’t require an in-person examination, telemedicine paves the way for a better experience while removing hardships for the patient.

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Integrate With Your Existing Technology

The VisuWell platform is equipped with an open API strategy for data sharing and workflow integration with existing clinical and administrative systems. Seamless integration is both critical and necessary to a successful transition to a robust telemedicine program.

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Custom Branded Mobile App

The VisuWell app carries your telemedicine suite to mobile devices.  Now you can extend organizational branding to your own telemedicine app without the high cost of development.



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